Altar | Multiplayer Platformer with PlayerIO

I went to the Houston Art Institute for two days for the 2016 Global Game Jam with a close friend of mine, Joe Harner. The jam’s theme was "Ritual", so we developed a little multiplayer side-scrolling game where players fight each other and respawn at altars placed throughout the map.

We used C# and the PlayerIO multiplayer framework to develop the backend. It was really rewarding watching people at the jam play our game during the development process - and after spending the first day on gameplay and functionality, we got to spend the second day just creating content iteratively and listening to player feedback.

The game amounts to a moshpit style punch-fest where players don't do much other than run around and punch each other off cliffs. Interestingly, a bug in the player hit boxes let some creative players punch each other in a way that let them fly together diagonally in one direction by standing closely behind one another and using the knock-back to continuously move forward and up.

There is array of little quotes that characters would automatically say when they respawned like "Please don't do that again" or "Well, here goes another life". For flavor, the player's character's head animates to point at the mouse cursor.

Special thanks to for the assets

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