Knights and Castles | Houston Museum of Natural Science

Towards the end of my work on the Wiess Energy Hall, I began doing side projects for the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The designer of the Knights and Armor exhibit was looking for someone to develop several applications for the end of the exhibit to entertain and inform visitors as well as encourage them to share their Emails for marketing purposes.

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I collaborated with the Houston Museum of Natural Science‘s Exhibit Architect Kevin Gold and Curator of Anthropology Dirk Van Tuerenhout to create an enormous map of European castles. Due to the late 2017 hurricane Harvey, many of our data collectors could not complete their research and that's why Germany looks so incorrectly empty of castles
The Digital Armor Encyclopedia is an application developed to educate visitors at the Houston Museum of Natural Science about types of medieval armor and the years during which those types were used
Using the Crest Creator, users make their own crest by picking from a wide selection of colors, materials, and decorative prints, then Email it to themselves (after agreeing to share their Email with the museum for marketing purposes)