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Around 2018 I got an itch to work on procedural generation in regards to map creation. I've always loved the sort of fantasy fiction with a map tucked in the front cover of the book. I drew inspiration from Amit Patel, Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator, Scott Turner, and Marting O'Leary.

I've gathered some of the theory and programming resources I used here.

Version 1 on Github    //    Version 2 on Github


I worked for a while on a solo-project social gaming platform. Doing this, I learned a lot about networking, application design, and the Flex framework.

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I went to the Houston Art Institute for two days for the 2016 Global Game Jam with a close friend of mine, Joe Harner. The jam’s theme was "Ritual", so we developed a little multiplayer side-scrolling game where players fight each other and respawn at altars placed throughout the map.

View on the Global Game Jam site

Galaxy Heist

A solo-project tribute to one of my favorite childhood computer games, Crystal Quest. There's a bunch of enemy types with their own behaviors and challenges as well as power ups and upgrades the player can choose.

Download the .air installer

Game Studio: Studio

This game is a pretty simple cookie-clicker style game about making free-to-play games that I made for the November 2014 Berlin Mini Game Jam hosted by King Berlin.

Download the source code + binaries

Sweet Dreams