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Color Picker

In 2019 I made a little color picker tool for use as an internal tool. The color picker was pretty straightforward - an Air implementation that ran in the tray and could be triggered by clicking the icon. However, it also used a preset list of colors and associated names to display what the hovered color was closest to. We used various named colors in our application development and it was useful to tell what the name of a color was by hovering - even if transparency was used.


Around 2018 I got an itch to work on procedural generation in regards to map creation. I've always loved the sort of fantasy fiction with a map tucked in the front cover of the book. I drew inspiration from Amit Patel, Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator, Scott Turner, and Marting O'Leary.

I've gathered some of the theory and programming resources I used here.

Version 1 on Github    //    Version 2 on Github


I worked for a while on a solo-project social gaming platform. Doing this, I learned a lot about networking, application design, and the Flex framework.

View on Github


I went to the Houston Art Institute for two days for the 2016 Global Game Jam with a close friend of mine, Joe Harner. The jam’s theme was "Ritual", so we developed a little multiplayer side-scrolling game where players fight each other and respawn at altars placed throughout the map.

View on the Global Game Jam site

Galaxy Heist

A solo-project tribute to one of my favorite childhood computer games, Crystal Quest. There's a bunch of enemy types with their own behaviors and challenges as well as power ups and upgrades the player can choose.

Download the .air installer

Game Studio: Studio

This game is a pretty simple cookie-clicker style game about making free-to-play games that I made for the November 2014 Berlin Mini Game Jam hosted by King Berlin.

Download the source code + binaries

Sweet Dreams