Games have always had an important place in my life, from board game nights with my family to heated discussions about the "correct" rules of Settlers of Catan, to LAN nights that only ended long after the sun rose. I started designing games early on, on the bus in primary school I adapted Oregon Trail to pencil and paper for my friends and later spent months perfecting a trading card game with each card hand drawn on a thick piece of card stock. It wasn't long before I was using hyperlinks to make simple adventure games in PowerPoint and then diving headfirst into Adobe Flash and ActionScript.

Since University, I've assembled a portfolio of diverse games programmed in my spare time.


A map generator that creates complex, procedurally generated worlds.


A coworker jokingly challenged me to make a game that has no purpose. So I put together a procedurally generated maze with a player-controlled character and collision deteection. Possible to solve? Yes. Worth it? Definitely not.


I went to the Houston Art Institute for two days for the 2016 Global Game Jam with a close friend of mine, Joe Harner. The jam’s theme? Ritual.

Galaxy Heist

A tribute to one of my favorite childhood computer games, Crystal Quest.

Game Studio Studio

This game is a pretty simple cookie-clicker style game about making free-to-play games that I made for the November 2014 Berlin Mini Game Jam hosted by King Berlin.

Sweet Dreams

In 2014, I worked with my close friend Joe Harner on a simple level for a platformer at the Global Game Jam on the George Mason University campus.

Amber World

Amber World is a fully functional and animated turn based RPG system complete with characters, weapons, and abilities.