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World Maps

Classic fictional and real world maps are probably the most important art resource when designing generated worlds.

City Maps

City maps are important too, since I intend on building a city generator with my world map generator. The best existing city generator (somewhat recently kind of integrated with Azgaar’s work, more of an easter egg really) is by Watabou and covers districts, walls, farms, roads, and rivers.

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator

Azgaar has the best (bar none) available map generator that can be run immediately in the browser. His work is current but unfortunately I find it hard to understand a lot of his (JavaScript) code. Nevertheless, his blog discusses in detail the approach he takes to tackling various challenges which makes it not only a fantastic starting point but also great reference material when writing parallel code.

Amit Patel’s Work

Amit has several iterations of his maps, and his oldest ones were done in ActionScript, which originally got me into procedural programming. Amit’s site boasts a lot of amazing in-depth tutorials and essays on different programming concepts ranging from pathfinding to his most popular: generating random worlds.

Scott Turner’s Here Dragons Abound Blog

Scott has taken map generation and gone off the deep end with it. His blog doesn’t usually show actual code, but goes into a satisfying amount of detail about how he achieves his map generation. He mainly focuses on generated art, creating maps that look practically hand drawn. If you’re seeking the most advanced concepts and methods, Scott’s blog is certain to provide you with more than enough material.

Martin O’Leary’s Fantasy Maps

Martin’s Maps are limited but they also served as an inspiration to Scott Turner and Azgaar, which makes them an important keystone in the map generating community. His post detailing his work goes into great detail and explains the map-making process intuitively and interactively. He also made a Twitter bot that posts randomly generated maps from his generator.


These videos teach art. I’d like to recreate the styles programmatically.

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Art Assets